Seagull WWSC-120 TLR Camera (ref13)


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Used Seagull WWSC-120 Twin Lens Reflex 6×6 Camera

Boxed, and generally in good condition, but it is missing the front name plate. There are also a few very minor chips to the paint here n there. Includes front lens cap & strap. NB box is tatty

Optically theres a little dust visible in the lenses, but nothing that should detract from the image quality

Also known as 4A-107 but badged as WWSC-120 for Western Markets

I’ve not run any film through it, but all the functions work, and all the timings on the shutter sound ‘right’.

Haiou SA-96 75mm F/3.5 Lens – 3 element
(viewfinder uses F/2.8 lens)
Shutter Bulb 1-1/300th sec