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Bronica SQ-B 6×6 Camera with 80mm PS/B Lens

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Used Zenza Bronica SQ-B 6×6 medium format camera with Zenza Bronica 80mm F/2.8 PS/B lens.

Boxed with waist level finder, 120 back (inc dark slide), spare battery, strap & cable release.

Generally in very nice condition, but does have two points of note:
a) unfortunately the mirror lock-up switch has broken. It shouldn’t affect most use, and should be replaceable but I’ve not managed to source a spare yet.**
b) Previous owner has etched their name into the paint, see right hand (crank side) front edge, and lens cap.
Both of these should be visible in the close up of the crank side photo.

I’ve tested this as best I can, I’ve not managed to put a roll of film through it, but shutter actuations/speeds etc all feel ‘right’.

**I’ve done some hunting on the mirror lock up lever, I’m told SQ-A levers also fit, but I’ve also being told by the importers that there are no new mirror lockup levers for these, but that the stronger SQ-A levers can be modified to fit for £50+vat+postage, so I’ve adjusted the price to reflect this, and I can include the importers contact details if you wanted to explore this yourself. **

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