Beefing up your security

So something that comes up near weekly when I’m with customers is better security. So here I’m hoping to cover some of those tips and the reasons why. So the first thing to know is what we’re protecting ourselves against. Most hacks are via one of four ways a) A site you use is hacked, […]

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Apple Refurbs

When I get customers asking about new or nearly new Apple kit, I’ll often point them in the direction of the Apple Refurbished store, but often the question is “what are the pros and cons?” Well straight away is price, for e.g. this years 21″ iMac models are £1149 & £1299 respectively, over in refurbs, and they’re

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MacUser – Apple Expert Fixes

This weeks MacUser magazine includes an article on ‘Apple Expert Fixes’, and “[MacUser] asked some of our favourite Apple technicians to contribute their wisdom” and Bramley Computers was amongst the handful of experts featured. Get down to your local newsagent & pick up a copy & see our tips & more.

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SSD Upgrades

A few months ago I posted about the Seagate Hybrid drive upgrade I’d fitted to my MacBook. This gave me an increase in storage space over the original drive, whilst also giving me a speed boost due to its on board 4GB SSD chip. This week though I’ve performed a similar upgrade in a completely

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Seagate Hybrid XT Review

SSD is a big thing nowadays, bringing performance & reliability to our laptops. But it comes at a cost, and currently that’s purely lots of cold hard cash, a 512GB SSD drive is around £600+, whereas 500GB of spinning platters is around £50 instead. In desktop machines you can come to a fairly easy compromise

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Quite often come across conversations with both clients & on twitter with people who have lost all their data when their computer has been stolen, or the hard drive has crashed, or damaged etc etc. Nowadays external hard drives are both cheap & quick, so there is no financial excuse not to have a backup

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