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Contacted Bramley in order to get rid of my old iPhone. Not only did they quote a very competitive price (matching all of the larger phone buyer services) but the communication, transaction and payment was all swift and easy. Many thanks!

Marco Pirroni      

I call on John to save my life on numerous occasions even to the point that he can guess lost passwords
Highly recommended
Marco Pirroni


My 3rd dealing with Jon and the 3rd iMac HDD to SSD upgrade ( different machines) Impeccable work as always. Very happy with the results. His communication, knowledge and skills are why I chose to drive my iMac to him as he is the only person I trust to upgrade / repair my Mac's. He even arranged to get my box shipped out to him to return the iMac. Highly recommended. 10/10 Great job Jon : - )

Peter Owen      

Jon gave me a truly excellent service when I was forced to Migrate my e-mail account to a new Host. This move was very frightening for me as we are so dependent on e-mails per se and because they are so often our User Name. He is extremely technically knowledgeable, very efficient on using Teamviewer, fitted in so helpfully with my timings and mastered several challenges along the way with my Desktop, Laptop and Mobile all having to be set up afresh. I cannot recommend him highly enough and am happy to confirm this directly with any inquirer.

Emma Reynard    Website      

My Imac had been making an awful noise for quite a while, it sounded like the fan was on overdrive and it was getting red hot at the back.
I dropped it off with Jon on the Friday and by Saturday he's diagnosed the problem. He had it fixed and I collected it within the week. Now I can use the computer in peace without it driving me crackers with the noise. It's pretty much silent now!
Excellent service and will definitely use again and recommend.

Rob and Polly Willis      

We are very grateful for having Jon to help with our computer problems. He is always prompt on the job and certainly knows what needs to be done and for a very reasonable fee. Do not think we would continue to use Apple products if we did not have his help.

Graeme Kendall      

The 2015 iMac we've been using for a while started to grind a little. I contacted Jon for a recommendation and he swapped out the old spinning disk for a newer SSD. He provided exceptional service and a swift turnaround - the Mac was only out of my office 2 days, and returned as basically a brand new machine which will continue to be useful for another few years. Excellent service and highly recommended.

Jamie Snarski    Website      

Had an issue with my iMac being super slow. Spoke with Jon and within 2 mins he had diagnosed what the problem was (over the phone). He suggested a few options for resurrection and to fix the problem.
I dropped the iMac off Friday, explained I needed it back asap for work and it was done and ready for collection the following day. Super fast service, very accommodating and I will be using his services in the future and will recommend Bramley Computers to anyone with similar issues.

Apple Mac problems? Call Jon at Bramley Computers.

Martin Smith      

The internal drive on my 27" imac had been troublesome for some time and I had been running it off an external ssd, when the interanl drive started to be really noisy I decided to bite the bullet and contacted Jon. That was the best thing I could have done, fortunately I kept the original box, it went up to him on a thursday and was back with with me the following tuesday, now thats what I call most excellent service. If you have got mac problems Jon is the man you need to see.

Sue Hartley      

With an iMac running painfully slowly and making a noise on start up that on one wants to hear from their computer I contacted Jon at Bramley Computers. I had only just got home from dropping it off when I received a full diagnostic report on my machine (it was as bad as it gets) with options and recommendations for putting it right. I took Jon's advice and had my computer back within a week, not only repaired but upgraded and positively flying. Jon kept me updated on progress throughout and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I had a couple of software glitches on it's return wich he resolved quickly and remotely, so I didn't need to take my machine back in. I can't recommend this friendly, knowledgeable and efficient guy enough - I wouldn't go anywhere else for Apple repairs.

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